Matt text me first thing this morning asking if I had any film score, cinematic type material laying around on my computer. An artist/photographer he is a big fan of, Ryan Vizzions, posted a note on his Instagram asking for instrumental music for volunteer update videos from the ground in Puerto Rico. PR was hit hard by Hurricane Maria, leaving most of the land ravaged and the people without food, water and power for weeks. Matt jumped at the opportunity to help and started digging thru our catalog. We will be sending any and everything we have available.

I personally didn't have any current music that I saw fit... so I started something new, with a more positive and hopefully uplifting sound. Puerto Rico has been thru a lot, but how they've persevered and the way volunteers across the world have come together to help is truly inspirational. Though it's not much of a contribution, nor do we even know if Ryan will use any of our music for these videos... the song in the SoundCloud link above is what I recorded this morning. (Not mixed or mastered)

Here is a list of several ways to HELP PUERTO RICO.

Thank you for your time and thanks to Ryan and all the other volunteers lending a helping hand.

Thoughts and prayers to those in Puerto Rico and all the other places, foreign and domestic, hit hard by 2017's hurricane season.