What Would Athon Do?

A voice you'll never forget, a bass tone that rumbled stages all over the world, a work ethic and heart of service that inspired and helped all those around him, and heart so big that anyone who ever met him felt bonded to him for life... Three years have passed now, that I know for so many have been a little less full without his presence.  I know Savannah, as a whole, and particularly the music community has felt very different since his passing, but I also know how many people still carry his memory around every day and everywhere they go in many forms.  I'm never sure what to say about people when they pass because it seems like everyone is all of a sudden thick as thieves with the departed, and I've never seen that so much as with Athon....however...it makes perfect sense if you know him - and what you realize is that while not everyone was Athon's best friend - Athon was everyone's best friend. Love to everyone out there who's life he touched in some way.  - Matt

RIP Athon. 

If you'd like to help Athon Keep Helping People click the email address below to find out how to get involved with causes he was passionate about. AthonFund@gmail.com